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The wonderfully eclectic Dancing Avocado Kitchen was founded in 1998 out of a love for healthy, thoughtfully prepared food that makes people feel GREAT! Since then, the daK staff has opened their arms to hungry tummies from around the world, be they vegan, vegetarian, OR carnivore! Everyone will find something to love on our creative menu.


The heart of our mission is centered around helping people enjoy real food--nothing overly processed, seasoned to death, or roughed up. Our visitors can choose to dine al fresco on our vibrant outdoor patio, or inside in our funky dining room. Our goal is to provide an oasis where diners can be fed, rested, and rehydrated for the next best part of their day.


Whether you're passing through town as a visitor to the great City of Daytona Beach or popping by for lunch during work around the corner, we are excited to welcome you with open arms and a smile.

Peace, love, & avocados,

The daK Family

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